I Decided to Take Charge of My Life…

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Looking at Shiryl Davis, you would never guess that she has a chronic illness. Like many of us who are going through something so personal, we usually do not want to share or talk about what we are going through. However, this week Shiryl Davis decides to open up and share her story. One day Read More

Gifted to Inspire

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We all have the gift to inspire. We just have to find our own way of doing so. This week’s honoree has discovered her own unique way to use her gift. Tangie Henry, founder of InspiredSistah uses her gift to “Inspire women to live on top of the world.” As a registered nurse and certified Read More

Learning To Love Yourself Is the Greatest Love of All


All of us have those famous lyrics imprinted in our mind.  However, learning to love yourself can be easier said than done. This holds true for this week’s feature Ivy Cooper. A Health Coach and Body Image expert Ivy serves as an advocate for women everywhere to love the skin they you are in. We are Read More

Love All Your Perfect Imperfections


Like most girls from a small country town, we are far from rich but we were not “poor” by any means.  Our lives were rich with the simple things you know love, clothes, shoes and a roof over our head. This is true for this week’s honoree, Tifney Brown. Tifney’s childhood was different from most.  Read More

Beating the Odds


Who does not love a good story of hope and triumph? If we are honest with ourselves, we all can remember some type of hurdle we had to jump over to get to where we are today. Whether it’s an undesired upbringing, a checkered past or just struggling to get out of school, we all Read More

God Chose Us to Help Others


As a parent, you watch your child grow up and eventually see them off to college. You release them and pray that their safe and doing well. This was no different for this week’s honoree Michaun Carney. No matter how many life experiences you have, there are some things that life simply does not prepare Read More

When Being Strong is Your Only Choice

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We have been told that life is the best teacher. However, sometimes the lessons life teaches are not always easy or pretty, but it does make us stronger. The funny thing is, we never know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have. This resonates loudly with this week’s honoree, Read More

Keeping the Faith


As we go through life we cross paths, talk, laugh and study with people without truly getting to know how they became the person they are today.  Most of us can tell you that we are who we are not because we’ve had perfect lives, but because we are Perfectly Imperphect beings.  We are beings Read More

Never Give Up On Yourself


This Week’s Perphect Woman is Mrs. Bobbie B. Mrs. Bobbie B. is from St Leonard, MD.  She is happily married with two teenage boys. She was a Teen Mother I surprisingly became a mother at the age of 18.  Being a teen mom was not easy and most definitely not planned.  I found out that Read More

The Angel of Hope-The Lauren Mackynzie Story


Most of you who have been readers of the site for a while know that we like to feature stories about real women and their triumphant stories. However, occasionally there’s a story that’s so touching and heartfelt that you can’t help but share. This week’s story is different from our other “Perphect Woman Spotlights.” This Read More