Be Happier: 10 Things to Stop Doing Right Now


According, to, “Happiness–in your business life and your personal life–is often a matter of subtraction, not addition.”

Consider, for example, what happens when you stop doing the following 10 things:

1. Blaming.

People make mistakes. Employees don’t meet your expectations. Vendors don’t deliver on time.

So you blame them for your problems. [Read more…]

Why Good Women Stay In Bad Relationships

Like many of you I know, I know a few good women that have been in bad relationships.  Also like many of you, I have often asked myself how such good women find themselves in these situations. However, I think if we all look at our own dating history, we will all see we have been in a bad relationship at one point in our lives.

A bad relationship does not always mean “abuse.”  A bad relationship could be that relationship that is so toxic and dysfunctional that you cannot seem to break away from it.  That relationship you stayed in knowing that you both have outgrown each other but you stayed out of fear of being alone.  [Read more…]

Life As I Know It-35 and Celibate

celibate, virgin, virginity, celibicacyI take joy in sharing the inspirational stories of the Perfectly Imperphect community and women everywhere. However, I realize that I rarely share anything inspirational or personal about myself. I know that we all have a story to tell; therefore I will take this opportunity so share something very personal. Hopefully, someone will find these series of posts inspiring, informative or even comical. [Read more…]