About Me

Since this site is about women sharing their stories, I guess I will go first.  A lover of life, travel and all things positive are probably the quickest things that could sum me up. However, that was not always the case.  

As a child, I was quiet and what most would consider a nerd.  Oh and did I mention dark skin.  From being called blacky to the ugliest girl in school, words really did a number on my self-esteem. Trust me there is no truth to the saying, “words can never hurt me.”

Therefore, I pushed myself to excel in other areas.  In my mind, I said I may not be the prettiest or the lightest but I will attempt to be the best I could in everything else.  Sounds crazy right.  Therefore, I pushed myself in school and in my career.  I cannot complain I have done really well.  However, in spite of all the success, those words still haunted me.

However, as I gotten older and wiser I have learned to love and embrace my dark skin, big eyes,  full nose and my nerdiness. I have gotten more confident and I learned to love me. However, I did not do this by myself.  I was able to do this with encouragement and motivation from women in my family, friends, community, and workplace.  These women encouraged and motivated me through their personal stories of courage and self-acceptance. From them I learned to love me and just be me.   Even though I am still a work a progress, I now know that I am good enough, my complexion is perfect and I am beautiful. God made me perfectly imperphect.

I have many stories that I could share but this one pretty much sums up why I started Perfectly Imperphect.  I wanted to create a place where women could encourage, motivate and inspire each other.  I believe we do not have to be celebrities to inspire or motivate someone.  Most if not all, of our inspiration will come from those around us.

I want Perfectly Imperphect to remind women to love themselves first, reflect on the good, and embrace the imperfections of life. Remember neither life nor you; have to perfect to be great.