How Do You Get Energized for the Weekend?


Last weekend, I had all intentions of taking my 2-year old on her first trip to the state zoo. All week, I had been telling everyone my plans (because I was so excited), and had even managed to get free entry tickets for the whole family. However, when Saturday came, I didn’t go—partly because it Read More

Top 9 Places Your Future Significant Other May Be Hiding

Romantic Young Couple Relaxing Sitting On Sofa

In almost every female discussion that I’m part of, the topic of “where to meet good guys” seems to creep up. Meeting that special person who captures—and keeps—your interest is somewhat challenging in this day and age. With everyone being so independent and busy, it is hard to build meaningful connections without being vulnerable. Or Read More

10 Things I Learned About Marriage from my Parents

Love and Wedding Bands

Over the weekend, my parents celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary. This is worth applauding in my opinion, as so many couples today won’t make it to that milestone given the current rate of divorce. But it’s worth wondering—why do so many couples from older generations make it to 20, 30 and even 50 years of Read More