Are You the Downfall of Your Career?


There’s a common phrase, “You are your own worst enemy.”  In most cases, we are from the way we view ourselves, to our advancement in our careers.  In today’s economy jobs are few and far between, so it’s essential to hold on to what we have and to project a positive attitude so you can be a front-runner for any future opportunities.  In some cases, it’s not the economy that ruined your career, it was you. You ruined your own career by allowing others to define your potential abilities and finally yet importantly, you stop believing in yourself. In my opinion that’s the number one factor that destroys most people progression in life.  It means nothing to have the capability if you don’t think you’re capable.  If you don’t believe in your worth, talent, and ability then your employer won’t as well.

So take the first step today to end these toxic beliefs that could ruin your career.  Toxic beliefs such as:

  • My goal is to be perfect or do something perfectly.  Because perfection is unattainable, the people who seek it are simply setting themselves up for disappointment. Perfectionists blame the world (and everything in it) rather than doing what’s necessary to accomplish extraordinary results.  That’s why “successful perfectionist” is an oxymoron.
  • My self-worth is based on what others think of me.Some people define themselves based upon how they guess their boss, co-workers, relatives and friends see them. When they are convinced that others think poorly of them, such people lack the self-confidence necessary to consistently take action.

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Are you standing in your own way?


We all have goals—things that we want to accomplish, places we want to go, things we want to see.

Around this time of year, I begin to reflect upon what I’ve accomplished during the year and what I want to continue to do—or change—the next year (yeah, I’m WAY ahead of the traditional “New Year Resolution” planning period).

The key to accomplishing your goals is to eliminate barriers. [Read more…]