Make Time for (Real) Friends

Three female friends having fun at beach

With social networking on the rise, it’s easy to lose touch with those we really care about.  Now instead of calling our friends, we send text messages, tweets, or messages on Facebook.  Even though these are great ways to communicate, they should not be your only means of communication with those you care about.  Personally, […]

How Do You Get Energized for the Weekend?


Last weekend, I had all intentions of taking my 2-year old on her first trip to the state zoo. All week, I had been telling everyone my plans (because I was so excited), and had even managed to get free entry tickets for the whole family. However, when Saturday came, I didn’t go—partly because it […]

Is Wanting to Get Married Considered Taboo?

Do happy couples still want to get married?

The topic of marriage seems to be one of the most controversial topics of today. Some are all for it; others are well against it. One thing’s for sure—it’s something to be talked about!

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