The World is Your Canvas-Just Do it


The World is Your Canvas- Just Do it! This week Dr. Tameka Bob chats with radio personality Tammi Mack about taking the initiative to pursue your dreams.

3 Mistakes Singles Make with Their Money


by Sheiresa Ngo If you’re among the more than 99 million single people in the United States, it’s vital for you to have your finances in order. Without a spouse to pick up the slack, you could be left in a financially vulnerable position if you were to lose your job. As we head into National Read More

The Debt Diet-Operation No More Debt!


Okay so the weekend is here and it’s payday for those of us who work for the federal government. For some of us that means “Blowing Money Fast.” Well while we have been accustomed to “Blowing Money Fast,” a lot of us have been building debt fast. As we mentioned in our prior post, “5 Read More