You are Just Like Your Mother: Are You Setting a Good Example?


We often hear people say or tell kids you are just like your mother or she gets it from her mama. In most cases this is not a compliment.  Why is that? This is often because of the examples we set for our children either intentionally or unintenionally.   Here Dr. Bob shares a few tips on how we can change being like your mother into something admirable.

Do you have more tips to share?  Post them below.

Veteran’s Day Edition- SSG Carolyn W.


veteransIn honor of Veteran’s Day, this week’s Perphect Woman is Staff Sergeant Carolyn W.

Staff Sergeant (SSG) Carolyn W. comes from a very modest and humble upbringing down in the low country of South Carolina.  She’s been married for the 9 last years to her awesome husband Jeremyah.  They have two lovely sons Javon (9) and Jeriyah (4).  Carolyn and her husband are both active members of the United States Army. [Read more…]