The Angel of Hope-The Lauren Mackynzie Story


Most of you who have been readers of the site for a while know that we like to feature stories about real women and their triumphant stories. However, occasionally there’s a story that’s so touching and heartfelt that you can’t help but share. This week’s story is different from our other “Perphect Woman Spotlights.” This Read More

Make Time for (Real) Friends

Three female friends having fun at beach

With social networking on the rise, it’s easy to lose touch with those we really care about.  Now instead of calling our friends, we send text messages, tweets, or messages on Facebook.  Even though these are great ways to communicate, they should not be your only means of communication with those you care about.  Personally, Read More

Why Good Women Stay In Bad Relationships


Like many of you I know, I know a few good women that have been in bad relationships.  Also like many of you, I have often asked myself how such good women find themselves in these situations. However, I think if we all look at our own dating history, we will all see we have Read More