Anything Can Happen: A Journey from Despair to Wholeness


Anything Can HappenAs women, most of us dream of having a great career, a wonderful husband, kids and a house with a picket fence. We fantasize about growing old with our spouse and spoiling our grandchildren. However, we all know that nothing in life is guaranteed and “Anything Can Happen.”

This can be said for former educator, now author and inspirational speaker Michelle Green. She married her first love, had four beautiful kids, a lovely home and awesome career. Life was good. Life was happy. [Read more…]

I Decided to Take Charge of My Life…


image (6)Looking at Shiryl Davis, you would never guess that she has a chronic illness. Like many of us who are going through something so personal, we usually do not want to share or talk about what we are going through. However, this week Shiryl Davis decides to open up and share her story.

One day in 2001, Shiryl began experiencing extreme abdominal pain. The pain was so bad that she could not even walk. She went to the emergency room and to her surprise; she needed an emergency blood transfusion. After several tests and surgery, Shiryl was diagnosed with Crohns Disease. Crohns Disease is a disease that causes inflammation of the lining of your digestive tract, which can lead to abdominal pain, fatigue, weight loss and malnutrition. 

Shiryl recollects, “I was devastated when I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease. I was put on several medications that made me tired or sick. I became depressed. To cope with the pain and fatigue I ate whatever I wanted. Before I knew it I weighed almost 400 pounds.”

That reality forced Shiryl to take her life back. She realized that she was slowly killing herself. From that, moment on Shiryl became determined not to let her diagnosis dictate her life. Shiryl shares, “I gradually started working out and became more conscious of what I ate. After researching, I decided to become a vegetarian. With this lifestyle change, I slowly began regaining my energy and was no longer fatigue. I currently do not take any medications and I am pain free!”

In closing, Shiryl attributes her come back to her support system and the words of her grandmother. Shiryl reminds you to, “Believe in yourself and always have faith. I am Perfectly Imperphect because I realize that I even though I have a chronic illness I refuse to be controlled by it. I can and I will strive to be the best I can be.”


Learning To Love Yourself Is the Greatest Love of All



All of us have those famous lyrics imprinted in our mind.  However, learning to love yourself can be easier said than done. This holds true for this week’s feature Ivy Cooper. A Health Coach and Body Image expert Ivy serves as an advocate for women everywhere to love the skin they you are in.

We are taught that experience is the best teacher and Ivy’s journey has served as testament to empower those she coaches. Ivy’s early journey was one of self-hate, low self-esteem and insecurity.  She recalls days of hating herself and never feeling comfortable in her own skin. “I have always felt that I was less than attractive.  Ever since my early adolescent years, I found myself comparing my body and beauty to others.  I frequently felt that other women were more beautiful than I was. I longed to look like them.  As a full figured child, teen, and woman I felt at war with my body, constantly FIGHTING to lose weight and become a certain size.  I wanted to be accepted.  No matter how many diets I tried, I always ended up back in a body that I hated and was ashamed of.”

After years of living with low self-esteem, Ivy realized that dieting was not the answer to feeling beautiful in her own skin.   Her freedom from body hate came when she began to work on healing her relationship with her body.  Ivy began to appreciate her body as a creation from God and worthy of love.  She began to see each part of herself in a different light.  Ivy has learned she deserves to be loved exactly the way she is. A loving relationship with her body became her motivation to embrace her physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self.

Through the healing and transformation of love in her own life, she has learned to embrace her body and self. Ivy’s transformation is proof that a change in your belief and love of self is possible.

Ivy reminds us to, “Allow yourself to love and be loved exactly as you are. Being perfect is not a pre-requisite to love.  I know my imperfections and embracing them is part of what makes me beautiful! “