I Decided to Take Charge of My Life…

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Looking at Shiryl Davis, you would never guess that she has a chronic illness. Like many of us who are going through something so personal, we usually do not want to share or talk about what we are going through. However, this week Shiryl Davis decides to open up and share her story. One day Read More

Learning To Love Yourself Is the Greatest Love of All


All of us have those famous lyrics imprinted in our mind.  However, learning to love yourself can be easier said than done. This holds true for this week’s feature Ivy Cooper. A Health Coach and Body Image expert Ivy serves as an advocate for women everywhere to love the skin they you are in. We are Read More

The Angel of Hope-The Lauren Mackynzie Story


Most of you who have been readers of the site for a while know that we like to feature stories about real women and their triumphant stories. However, occasionally there’s a story that’s so touching and heartfelt that you can’t help but share. This week’s story is different from our other “Perphect Woman Spotlights.” This Read More