Lessons in Love: So You Think You Can Change Him?


Lessons in Love: So You Think You Can Change Him? This week Dr. Tameka discusses one of the major mistakes women make in love-thinking they can change him. Watch and share your thoughts on changing your significant other.

Why Good Women Stay In Bad Relationships


Like many of you I know, I know a few good women that have been in bad relationships.  Also like many of you, I have often asked myself how such good women find themselves in these situations. However, I think if we all look at our own dating history, we will all see we have Read More

Anything Can Happen: A Journey from Despair to Wholeness

Anything Can Happen

As women, most of us dream of having a great career, a wonderful husband, kids and a house with a picket fence. We fantasize about growing old with our spouse and spoiling our grandchildren. However, we all know that nothing in life is guaranteed and “Anything Can Happen.” This can be said for former educator, Read More