You are Just Like Your Mother: Are You Setting a Good Example?


We often hear people say or tell kids you are just like your mother or she gets it from her mama. In most cases this is not a compliment.  Why is that? This is often because of the examples we set for our children either intentionally or unintenionally.   Here Dr. Bob shares a few tips on how we can change being like your mother into something admirable.

Do you have more tips to share?  Post them below.

Anything Can Happen: A Journey from Despair to Wholeness


Anything Can HappenAs women, most of us dream of having a great career, a wonderful husband, kids and a house with a picket fence. We fantasize about growing old with our spouse and spoiling our grandchildren. However, we all know that nothing in life is guaranteed and “Anything Can Happen.”

This can be said for former educator, now author and inspirational speaker Michelle Green. She married her first love, had four beautiful kids, a lovely home and awesome career. Life was good. Life was happy. [Read more…]

2015 New Year, Perfectly Imperfect You


Perfectly Imperfect 2015

As 2015 begins, I sit here reflecting on the lessons I learned last year. Last year was filled was filled with some lows but some major highs. However, throughout the ups and downs I took away a few notes that will help make 2015 a perfectly imperfect one.

Trust Your Gut

There’s a saying, “You are your own worst enemy.” This saying rung so true for me this year. There were so many times that I had/knew the answer the first time, but I did not go with my first instinct. I was faced with many tough decisions this year. Decisions concerning my career, relationships, spiritual growth, and business. With all these decisions I sought out friends, family and coworkers. Only for them to tell me something I already knew. [Read more…]