2015 New Year, Perfectly Imperfect You

Perfectly Imerphect 2015

As 2015 begins, I sit here reflecting on the lessons I learned last year. Last year was filled was filled with some lows but some major highs. However, throughout the ups and downs I took away a few notes that will help make 2015 a perfectly imperfect one. Trust Your Gut There’s a saying, “You are Read More

7 Ways to Adjust Your Attitude

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Want an attitude upgrade? Read on. Article By: S. Kirk Walsh You’re having one of those days where nothing is going right — you’re late for work, your computer crashed, you spilled coffee on your brand-new shirt. By the end of the day, you find yourself collapsed zombie-like in front of the television, asking yourself “Where Read More

You Are What You Think You Are…..


  Everyone is familiar with the cliché, “You are What You Eat.” Well, we are also… what we think. Have you noticed that your actions tend to mirror your thoughts? That is why it is crucial to have positive thoughts, to maintain our self-esteem, values, etc. The more positive your thoughts are about yourself, your Read More