How Do You Get Energized for the Weekend?


Last weekend, I had all intentions of taking my 2-year old on her first trip to the state zoo. All week, I had been telling everyone my plans (because I was so excited), and had even managed to get free entry tickets for the whole family. However, when Saturday came, I didn’t go—partly because it […]

18 Things I Want to Teach My Daughter About Being a Woman

Portrait Of Mother And Daughter In Park

Janelle Harris over at Essence wrote an inspiring article relating to teaching girls to become women. As a mother of a young daughter myself, there is nothing more important to me than instilling in her the right values and lessons to make her a virtuous and successful woman.

What is Done in the Dark, Stays in the Dark: Secrets of the Black Family

Woman Shushing

They say, “What’s done in the dark, will come to light.”  How many of us know that is not the case in the average black family? How many of us have in our families that uncle who has a problem with keeping his hands to himself? You know, the one that most people would call […]